About Tell Someone Who Cares

Tell Someone Who Cares is a social enterprise founded by 15 year old CEO and activist Holley Somerville-Knott! It's a platform of solutions to the destruction caused by the palm oil industry - the 3 main ways to join the movement and be the solution are: ~ Purchasing from our sustainable product range that contains an alternative to palm oil and creates an economy for local indigenous peoples ~ Adopt an injured or orphaned orangutan ~ Host a RAD Day! (Which stands for Rainforest Action Day), a fundraiser day that anyone anywhere can host at their school or workplace to help fund restoration projects in the rainforest Tell Someone Who Cares is basically a consumer movement that gives people the chance to create change with their everyday decisions and purchases, and every single contribution helps to protect endangered wildlife, regenerate rainforests, empower local indigenous peoples and support their communities, and anyone can get involved!

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Tell Someone Who Cares